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Ofgem has just announced a competition investigation into the Big Six energy suppliers. This will take at least 18 months.  Ditch the Big Six now and save on your energy bills!

The top 3 fixed tariffs for most households are from smaller suppliers.  We are advising people to opt for a fixed or capped tariff.

Go to our switching site and check you’re on the best tariff.

Average savings from our last collective switch were £168 per household.  Until further notice we are offering £10 cash back per fuel switched.

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At last Ofgem are investigating the Big Six.   (see BBC report) (Who are the Big Six?)

Help make our energy supply fairer by Ditching the Big Six energy suppliers and SAVE by switching to a smaller supplier.

MAKE SURE you are on a good fixed tariff now. Grab your energy bill and  go to our switching site and see how much you can save. (Don’t worry its free to use and  we are giving £10 cash back on each fuel you switch).

If you are interested in hearing about future collective switches, please register your interest.

There is no obligation to take and deal and its free

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Hopefully you are already on a really good tariff.

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Switching to the best tariff really does save you money

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- our best saving in our last switch was over £1741! and average savings over £168.

We are a not-for-profit and give back £10 per fuel switched from switching commissions to help you get the best available deal.

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thePeoplesPower CIC is a not-for-profit organisation set up to help people get together so they can save money on their electricity and gas bills or switch to green energy.

We believe it doesn’t need to be a choice between cheap energy and green energy. Find out more about us.

We want the best and fairest deal for you – read our Collective Energy Switching guide